The Land of the Dead: Gift Pack

What is the Gift Pack?: A collection of Land of the Dead memorabilia including: hats, posters, and t-shirts.

Rules:Answer the following questions in the text box below and hit send. The prize pack offer ends July 1st!


  1. Name the first Romero/Savini Collaboration.
  2. Name the Tobe Hooper film from 1986 that stared Dennis Hopper.
  3. Name the author that Romero directed numerous film adaptations of their work.
  4. Describe the original (alternate) ending to Dawn of the Dead.
  5. Which Romero film is known under the alias "Hungry Wives"?
  6. What Romero film revolved around a monkey named Ella?
  7. Name which stars from the Original Dawn of the Dead make appearances in Land of the Dead.
  8. Who scored the Original Dawn of the Dead?
  9. What film did Asia Argento appear in with Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe?
  10. Why do you want the Land of the Dead Gift Pack?

I hope every one enjoys the Land of the Dead Gift Pack Giveaway!

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