In the making for over two and a half years, we've finally completed the first issue of Savage Cinema. The zine is published every 2 months and is divided into the following sections: Feature, Articles, Reviews, Previously Viewed, and 100% Weird. My two personal favorites are Previously Viewed and 100%. I got the id for PV when I was going through a box of old VHS pre-records i bought "previously viewed" from blockbuster over 10 years ago. Many of the films are in their original blotchy packaging. 100% Weird is exactly how it sounds. I am continuing where TNT's Monster vision left off and giving reviews of some of cinemas strangest deliveries.

When I came up with the idea for Savage Cinema I was the webmaster of the deceased Cannibalferox.com/ Makethemdieslowly.com websites. Not only had i become and aficionado of Ferox but of many of Lenzi's other pictures. At that time a small company called Name Demo was giving away "dot com" forward pages with their banner add on them. I immediately registered every name I could think of. At one time i owned, UmbertoLenzi.com, RuggeroDeodato.com, ZombieHorror.com, CannibalFilms.com, and of course SavageCinema.com. Although my contracts on all of the other websites expired before I had a chance to do any good with them, I kept Savage Cinema...for i knew it showed alot of promise.

Over the past few months I have gotten back into the swing of things, I thought it was time to unleash Savage Cinema to the world. I intend with this premiere issue to set a standard for the way films are reviewed in the digital medium. I am looking for eager writers who want to contribute their knowledge and love of the genre to the bowels of Savage Cinema. If your interested please view our submission guidelines per the bottom of this page.

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