Issue 6 Editorial

George Romero's Land of the Dead is the one summer movie I am in the most anticipation for. My first dead movie was Tom Savini's night 90 remake, and after I saw that on TNT's monster vision some 15 years ago I became hooked on what is known as the zombie genre. Night of the Living Dead was genius, it was the first movie of its kind. Up until the original night, zombies were always thought of as creatures created by voodoo. The idea of zombies erupting from the ground was unknown at that time. As fans we have a lot to thank George Romero for as we wait in immense anticipation for his next installment to his living dead series.

Another topic on my list is Star Wars. I hope everyone who saw the film are as thrilled with it as I am. The movie was the perfect ending to Lucas' prequal trilogy. There is no better way they could have developed Revenge of the Sith. Since the time I had even heard of the Phantom Menace I knew that the third film would prevail, and steal the entire series. The third installment made up for problems in the earlier films and successfully bridges the gap between the two trilogies.

Grindhouse needs to release Cannibal Holocaust on DVD, everyone knows that...the releases needs to come in a double sized box with reproduced posters and soundtrack included. They could even sell a collectors set with lobby cards and a barf bag for more money.

Issue six is pretty crazy so enjoy ...enough of my meaningless rambling, smoke on!

-The Smoker

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