January 2003, Issue #1


Doctor Butcher: Medical Deviate

When you hear the words Doctor Butcher M.D., several different thoughts can be going through your head. Those few simples words may bring back images of the 1982 premiere at many of the seedy 42nd street theatres, or the flatbed Butcher mobile driving up and down the streets of Jersey and Manhattan. Posters of the mad doctor fill the walls of the old movie house. Cheesy lobby cards lie to your right on a little stool as you walk past the concession stand. The smell of cheap cigars, stale whiskey, and schwag fill your nostrils as you enter the room where the movie is about to begin. You walk through the rows of seats hoping to find one without a partially used syringe or dampened with fluid from someone who watched the latest John Holmes film an hour earlier. Once the movie begins all your fears and paranoia start to go away. Your sucked into the dementia of bad acting, cheesy effects, and the long legs of Alexandra Delli Colli.

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From Mailzines to Webzines

Looking back at the genre you can see how its grown and taken many different paths. What was once common practice in the 80’s and mid 90’s were replaced by the millennium’s digital age. 15 years ago, and as little as 7 years ago when you wanted hear the latest on John Carpenters new film, or wanted to buy the most obscure movie you could get your hands on; you had to flip to the back pages of any of your favorite horror mags. Whether it be GoreZone, Fangoria, or Deep Red, these few little pages were a gateway to a fan base unreachable in any direction. Popular 80’s fan zines included but were not limited to Bill Landis’ Sleazoid Express and Rick Sullivan’s Gore Gazette. We would later end up seeing a new trend for a digital age that was right around the corner.

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Smoken Dope and Pumping Iron

Lifting weights was satisfying enough, but watching Arnold's Pumping Iron was like experiencing something I've never felt before. Watching Pumping Iron, the 11+ times I did, taught me to change my eating habits and to spend my spare time in the gym rather then the couch. With the 25th Anniversary of this incredible documentary you can re-live the hardships of training in the Brooklyn dungeon or the parties at Muscle Beach. You become familiar with the bodybuilders as you experience first-hand their trip to fame or their road to failure. Pumping Iron is a wild ride through the training and conditioning of some of the worlds top professional bodybuilders.

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Requiem In Blood

This compilation CD soundtrack contains 22 tracks from Fulci's classic's The Gates of Hell and The Beyond. The music of Fabio Frizzi is presented to us by © Eibon Records. Also included as a Bonus is a special introduction by Lucio Fulci himself. The total running time on this disc is 67:41. Cover Art & Liner Notes by Chas. Balun.

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Blood Feast

The Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, is a true pioneer in cult carnage. Running wild in the 60's nudie-cutie craze with producer David F. Friedman, this team went on to compile several other films. While filming Bell, Bare and Beautiful in a seedy Miami hotel, they developed an idea for something new that would grab audiences attention. With their depart from the nudie film culture, Friedman and Lewis created Blood Feast. All shot in the same location as Bare and Beautiful, they finished this splatter fest in under a month. With under $25,000 invested into this film, they doubled their money in only one showing.

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Battle of the Worlds

In one of Cluade Rains' last appearances, he portrays Professor Benson, a scientist out of touch with society who thrives on using calculus and mathematics over the man made machinery of the future. Future Earth, displayed here as a politically harmonious Utopia, faces disastrous disruption of its smoothly-running society when a dying planet hovering on the horizon attacks via flying saucer. This planet known as the "outsider" is able to control its saucers by means of musical wave lengths. Once Benson discovers their means of communication, he develops a way to use their technology against them.

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Previously Viewed

Microwave Massacre

This is one of those movies where the producer thinks if he slaps in some tits and ass, and adds a few severed limbs, that he could make a few bucks. And to tell you the truth, it worked. Although this is likely the worst movie ever made I still found it quit enjoyable. Microwave Massacre is exactly what the box says..."A creepy comedy about cadavers and cannibalism". 70's standup comedian Jackie Vernon stars as Donald, a construction worker whose nagging wife May drives him to murder.

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100% Weird

A Taste of Hell

The screen rolls in...a vibrant yellow font appears to you and reads: Philippines 1942. You become unfamiliar with your surroundings as you discover your no longer in America. This low budget WW2 epic depicts a group of Philippine militia warring with the more powerful and violent Japanese army. Your introduced to Barry played by John Garwood who is the platoon leader, and when he fails to give up his post to the Japanese he is shot and rolls into a ditch. Traveling down a hill and into a murky lake, Garwood becomes a victim of his own demise. Disfigured and partially mutilated the platoon leader makes it back to the barrio discovering that in the months of his absence life has gone on without him.

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The History of Savage Cinema

In the making for over two and a half years, we've finally completed the first issue of Savage Cinema. The zine is published every 2 months and is divided into the following sections: Feature, Articles, Reviews, Previously Viewed, and 100% Weird. My two personal favorites are Previously Viewed and 100%. I got the id for PV when I was going through a box of old VHS pre-records i bought "previously viewed" from blockbuster over 10 years ago. Many of the films are in their original blotchy packaging. 100% Weird is exactly how it sounds. I am continuing where TNT's Monster vision left off and giving reviews of some of cinemas strangest deliveries.

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