A family of city dwellers travel out to the country for a weekend of solitude and harmony when they encounter hostility by a local who once lived in the house they were staying in. After finding bullet holes and glass scattered through out the house they become weary of the their surroundings. Upon settling in the family heads into town where their son becomes aware of the native mythology behind the Wendigo. Told to him by an imaginary Indian, he learned of the good and evil forces that control it. Being the spirit who in certain cases represents “evil” feeds and grows stronger on the body and soul of human beings. Several disturbances start to erupt.

On an afternoon while sledding, the father George, played by Jake Weber of “The Mind of the Married Man” fame, is shot and immediately passes out. Leaving his son behind on the sled…the mystic fog of the Wendigo overcome them both and put them into a deep sleep. Hours later, in the heart of the evening, the mother Kim played by Patricia Clarkson, goes out looking for her husband and son only to find the latter and a trail of blood leading back to the house. Near the side of the house, George is lying on his stomach covering his gun shot wound and pleading to be driven to the hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital, they give Weber immediate surgery and as the hours pass they learn of how nothing can be done to save him. This act of evil is countered by another evil act, this time by the methodical ways of the Wendigo. Being somewhat controlled by the boy’s mind, the Wendigo as an old tree, kills the man who shot Weber in the form of a car accident.

Not much in the way of ending, the acting is good and the suspense especially in the beginning of the movie is rather heavy. The film, rather slow at times, shows some promise but fails to deliver when the plot seems to boil away as the film heads to a close.

Directed by:
Larry Fessenden

Patricia Clarkson .... Kim
Jake Weber .... George
Erik Per Sullivan .... Miles
John Speredakos .... Otis
Christopher Wynkoop .... Sheriff
Lloyd Oxendine .... Elder
Brian Delate .... Everett
Daniel Sherman (I) .... Billy

Runtime: 91 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: DTS
Certification: USA: R

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