Beyond Terror

"Violence is Italian art!"-Lucio Fulci

Master of the macabre Lucio Fulci is celebrated in this lavishly illustrated in-depth study of his extraordinary films. From horror masterpieces like The Beyond and Zombie to erotic thrillers like One On Top of the Other and A Lizard in a Women's Skin; from his earliest days as director of manic comedies to his notoriety as the man behind the banned slasher epic The New York Ripper. every detail of his varied career is explored.

Horror: Supernatural themes and weird logic collide with flesh-ripping gore; violence is orchestrated into blood-soaked poetry. Fulci's Gothic horrors indulge bloodthirsty audiences to the hilt with their gruesome excesses.

Mystery: Sinister, murderous, psychotic, erotic - Fulci's giallo murder mysteries and dazzling explorations of human malice, steeped in a psychedelic miasma of perverse sex and sudden violence.

Action Adventure: Fucli's skills as a film craftsman saw him engage with many different genres; lavish costume drama and futuristic sci-fi action, Spaghetti Westerns and even children's adventure yarns, all inflected by his taste for cinematic extremes.

With 40 full color pages, over 800 illustrations in all and introduction by Fulci's daughter Antonella, the complete credits for all 52 films and filmographies for all the major stars. Stephen Throwner embarks on a journey through the wilder reaches of Italy's fertile film culture, taking a close-up look at the cinema's most daring and anarchic hour specialist. -Lucio Fulci- a man willing to go ever further in search of the ultimate horrific set-piece.

First published June 1999 by Fab Press, then reissued in October 2002. The original cover art was changed to the ending scene of the beyond with Warbeck and MacColl.

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