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The new movie Berdella is scheduled for a summer 2009 theatrical release date.  The story is about Kansas City’s most notorious serial, Bob Berdella, often referred to as “The Butcher of Kansas City”.  Filming wrapped up in August of 2008 and the film has been in editing for several months.  We have completed our first trailer and it is attached to this press release.


Bob Berdella who originated from Ohio, moved to Kansas City in the 1960s to enroll at the KC Art Institute.  Shortly after his move to Kansas City, Berdella purchased a house on 4315 Charlotte Ave.  This house would serve as the grounds for some of the most bizarre acts of torture and mutilation ever performed. 
Bob Berdella was very active in his local community.  He was in charge of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Coalition for many years, was a cook for many restaurants in KC, even worked with the local news stations in organizing numerous charities and auctions.  Berdella was also notable for his work mentoring troubled youths, and was even assigned as the probation officer to many of these teens.  In the end Bob was known for his shop, at the Westport Flea Market, “Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre”.  It was here at this shop that many people met and interacted with Berdella.  His shop was setup like any normal flea market, but his taste of goods were different than the rest of the merchants at Westport Flea Market.  Bob had real human skulls, witchcraft and occult books, jewelry, knives and swords, and practically anything that would be classified as bizarre.
Berdella, after his arrest, was known for keeping precise notes on his torture and killing methods.  Investigators found these notebooks under his mattress with over 1,000 Polaroid pictures taken of his victims at various stages of their torture.  The evidence was overwhelming and Bob eventually admitted to 6 murders between the years of 1984-1988.

The Movie:

The movie Berdella, is in narrative form and is not a documentary.  Filming took place in Kansas City, Missouri, a few blocks away from Berdella’s residence on Charlotte.  The film stars actor Seth Correa, as Bob Berdella. The movie will have its initial premiere in Kansas City in late Summer of 2009. After that, Berdella will be in numerous film festivals across the U.S. and abroad. For more information on the movie Berdella please visit the official web site,

Vito Spino

Theatrical Trailer: Released December 25, 2008


Teaser Trailer: Released August 23, 2008



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