Criminally Insane

Criminally InsaneI finally got a chance to see Criminally Insane. I'd actually owned the DVD by Shock Cinema since it was released, but for some reason or another I never got a chance to view it, until now. My viewing of the film wasn't your usual viewing, my roommates were playing beer pong and listening to "I'm Sprung" by Pretty Ricky, so Criminally Insane came with a R&B soundtrack. Like most of my childhood memories, I remember seeing this movie on the top shelf of my local Blockbuster in the horror section. I remember being around ten years old or so, give or take, and my father wouldn't let me rent Criminally Insane. I don't know what it was that attracted me to the film, possibly the meat cleaver, the obese woman, or just the propaganda on the cover of the VHS tape. Whatever it was, I knew I would see this movie sooner or later.

Fast forward to decades later, I pretty much forgot about this movie till I got it in the mail one day. I kept telling myself I was going to watch it but I just couldn't do it. It looked so "boo-boo", as my roommate Derrick says. In my attempt to embrace my weirdness, I started watching Criminally Insane with my other roommate Paul, hoping to gain the attention of the house guests, in an attempt to shock and disturb them. I did succeed in doing so, and it was a very entertaining evening. The movie is very low budget, so its interesting seeing and critiquing the camera angles, camera movement, props, editing, etc. Acting isn't something I really critique, because its either good or bad, never in between. Criminally Insane is a classic B movie. It is garbage, but garbage I am very fond of. For being as low budget as it was, I have to praise the surrealism the director displayed through his editing style. This movie is a cult classic, and those who are fans of B movies I highly recommend this film. You may not like it, you might even hate it, but you will be entertained, and besides theirs no crime in laughing.

Harvey -Savage

Criminally Insane (1975)

Nick Millard (Nick Phillips)

Nick Millard (Nick Phillips)

Genre: Thriller | Horror

Tagline: She's 250 Pounds of Maniacal Fury!

Plot: An obese woman recently released from an insane asylum kills anyone who attempts to get her to stop eating.

Runtime: 61 min

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