Dying Room Only (1973)

Married couple Jean and Bob Mitchell stop at a rundown roadside eatery. When time comes to leave, Jean is ready, but Bob isn't. In fact, Bob is nowhere to be found. Jean's anguished efforts to locate her husband are mysteriously blocked by the hulking restaurant proprietor.

I must say this movie is a real treat. I was looking through a box of old VHS tapes and wanted to watch something I've never seen but something that looked halfway descent. First thing I must comment on is the cast. They got a good number of common faces for the roles in this made for TV movie. Ned Beatty, in my opinion, plays one of his best roles ever. He's actually one of the bad guys in this movie. His character is nothing at all like his in Deliverance. If I could compare this movie to something It would have to be Wes Craven's the Hills Have Eyes. Although this is a made for tv movie it still proves to be very eerie and suspenseful without excess carnage and gore. The writing of the movie is excellent too. The plot develops at the right pace and keeps the audience waiting for more as it progresses. I am very disappointed that not only can't you find this movie on VHS but it hasn't even been released on DVD. This movie is a timeless classic and is really enjoyable on a gloomy sunday afternoon. Its hard to talk about this film without spoiling it for future viewers. If you can get your hands on this movie than get it!

The movie starts off with a man and his wife eating in your typical desert style cafe. Somewhat abandoned, roadside, with few if any customers. These types of movies always depict the shoddy roadside diner as the last place you want to be if your stranded in the desert. Well everything is fine and dandy until Bob dissapears. He leaves to use the restroom and after 30 or so minutes of waiting, Jean becomes frantic. What makes it even creepier is the diners owner trying to convince Jean that she came in by herself and that someone stole her car. Behold the power of persausian. If you like a movie thats mysterious and keeps you trying to figure out exactly what happens than this is for you. A more general classification would be a "who-done-it". Take a creepy roadside diner, add some redneck locals, and a 70s score then you got yourself a movie.


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