Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

I woke up early Monday May 16th, I cashed my $16 income tax return and drove to the nearest AMC theatre. I went there with one purpose in mind, and that was to purchase my Episode III opening night ticket. I got the ticket easily, but was surprised that tickets hadn't been sold out yet. I later found out that there would be five screens showing the movie and that this would be one of the largest midnight (12:01) presentations of the final Star Wars film. In preparation for this film I watched the original trilogy followed by episodes 1 and 2. I had been bitten by the bug and was ready to see how it all ends. Being the final installment to the Star Wars series (as we know) I was saddened by the fact that I would never again feel the anticipation I felt for this movie.

Before the film I prepped up and took all necessary steps in viewing a midnight movie. Made my trips to the liquor store and had a big meal at the local Steak and Shake. I got to the theatre an hour before the movie started thinking I would be able to get a good seat, and hoping I wouldn't look like too big of a loser. I was wrong, I ended up with the worst seats and was blinded by all the nerds and die hard's prepared in full costume and equipped with the $99 Spencer Gifts audible light saber. But then again the freaks and geek's are what makes the opening night fun and entertaining.

I had been familiar with the back story to Episode III for a long time, even before Phantom Menace was released. In viewing this film it was more like seeing it with my own eyes, rather than imagining it in my mind. I have strong praises for this film and will back it up with no problem. Revenge of the Sith has received the best reviews out of any of the films in the prequal trilogy and it is being labeled as the second best Star Wars film next to The Empire Strikes Back. I am not sure if I would go that far but I still have to give the Sith highest priority out of the first three episodes. My biggest issue with the critics are those who dog the film for religious, and political reasons. The USA Today continues there attack on Lucas and his anti-Bush messages embedded in the interior story of Sith. I am a conservative and support the war in Iraq and think that USA Today's extremist attacks on Lucas are dirty and do not need to take place. The back story of Episode III existed when Clinton was in office years before the threat of world wide terrorism.

Quickly about the film, graphics are improved even more over the '99 Menace, and 02 Clones. The special effects are incredible and since the theatre had all digital screens the visuals were incredible. It just shows why Lucas Arts waited so long to release the original trilogy on dvd, they wanted to wait until technology was advanced enough to make the original films look like they were shot on digital camera and take place after the prequals.

It was good to see Lucas wise up and make Revenge of the Sith the most "adult" out of his recent trilogy. Sith is the first film in Star Wars history to have a PG-13 rating. There is a lot more killing, simulated space and computer violence. What really made the movie enjoyable is how well the movie was edited. The film is very fast paced and keeps you in awe of what's on the screen. There isn't a time when you're bored and tired of the movie, all segments are cut straight to the point and like I said before, at an intensely high pace. What Episode III really did well was tieing up all loose ends. It answers questions and really bridges the gap between the two sets of trilogies. The ending is tremendous, I think they brought in Vader at the right time and I love the Peter Cushing look-a-like to represent an Episode IV cross-over. Overall Revenge of the Sith is awesome and highly recommend it to fans and viewers of all ages!

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