Hot Schlock Horror

Bizarre Monsters! Ex-Playboy Playmates! Brain-Numbing Terror! Corpse Grinding! Hypnosis! She Demons! Thousands of Maniacs! A 250-LB Woman with A Meat Cleaver!
All this and much, much more awaits you insides Hot Schlock Horror. In these blood splattered pages, horror novelist and former Fangoria contributor takes a look at more than 40 films from the golden days of drive-in horror movies, blending interviews, commentary, research, and outrageous hype from original and rare pressbooks. Whether your taste runs to fright films of the late ‘50s (Lost Women), the ‘60s (Two Thousand Maniacs), or the ‘70s (Satan’s Black Wedding), you’ll find some of the greatest lowest-common-denominator-horror-exploitation films of all time right here!

John Wooley’s “Hot Schlock Horror” is by far one of the greatest B Movie books ever published. With tremendous reviews on movie oddities like The Night Evelyn Came Out Of the Grave, Cannibal Girls, and Criminally Insane. You can’t go wrong with this book; it’s a true fan’s perspective on what is really savage cinema. Published by Dreamtrip Press in 1992, Hot Schlock Horror doesn’t fall short. It comes up ahead! The book praises the nostalgia of the drive-in like none other, and the writing style Is so unique, its like your favorite fanzine put into a 128 page book. The book features an A-W list of 43 rare and eccentric B movie greats. What I find most unique about this book is the author’s usage of borders and photo clips/movie posters to bring to life the real mischief and mayhem these films bring to the plate. In writing this article I did some research on the book and there was little to be found. Apparently there is no online presence for John Wooley nor his horrific splatter entry Hot Schlock Horror. This book may be long out of print but if you try hard enough; you’ll probably be able to catch a copy on Ebay.

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