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The Mother of Tears

Mother of TearsThe Mother of Tears is Dario Argento's 2007 film which finalizes his three mothers trilogy. In all honesty I haven't watched much of Argento's newer movies. I've seen all the classics but many of his movies past Phantom of the Opera (98) I've had yet to view. In all honesty I was very surprised by Le Terza Madre. The movie was very entertaining, it kept me sucked in pretty much the entire time. The special effects were surprisingly really good. A good combination of original prop effects with CGI. This is definitely one of Argento's most violent films and probably his most violent of the past decade or two.

The Mother of Tears, La Terza Madre, is an occult/supernatural type film that follows the same formula put forth by Suspiria and Inferno. While this movie has really good camera work I was let down a little bit by the lighting, considering how amazing the lighting was in both Suspiria and especially Inferno. And like all Argento movies there's always a few flaws. But in the end the flaws don't out weigh the good that the film encompasses.

Argento does a good job casting in this movie. Of course he hits the nail in the coffin casting his daughter, she's getting older but still looks damn good. My favorite is Mater Lachrymarum, played by Moran Atias, she is out of this world. Udo Kier just creeps me out in this he drinking eye drops?

This movie is really brutal, they kill 3 babies. One baby gets thrown into a lake, another baby gets eaten at a monastery, and the final baby gets kidnapped, sacrificed, then eaten.

It really makes you want to believe Argento is back to his ways of old, but in reality those days are done. Its 2010 not 1980, no matter how much we cinema watchers miss the simplicity of classic genre films from the 70s and 80s there is still plenty to look forward to in this new modern era.

La Terza Madre is a very good Argento film, and might be debated by film scholars years later as one his greatest movies of all time. I'd give it a 4/5, like I said it isn't flawless, could have been without Daria Nicolodi. But the movie has a solid story, good acting, great tension and suspense, and awesome special fx.

La Terza Madre La Terza Madre La Terza Madre La Terza Madre La Terza Madre


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Title: La Terza Madre (The Mother of Tears)

Release Date: October 31 2007 (Italy)

Director: Dario Argento

Tagline: What you see does not exist. What you cannot see is truth.


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