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Welcome to Death Row

I've had a long interest in rap documentaries, notably ones on 2pac, Biggie, and their murders. I've come across some really good ones but I was blown away with Welcome to Death Row. This movie was actually released in 2001 but 11 years later I finally came across it.

This extraordinary documentary details the rise and the fall of the original gangster rap label Death Row Records. What makes this movie so powerful is just how much information it actually has in it. The movie starts out talking about NWA, Eazy E, and Dr. Dre as a prelude to the springing of Death Row Records. A lot of time is dedicated to the roots of Death Row Records, how they got their original funding and the men behind Suge Knight, Harry 'O' (Michael Harris), and attorney David Kenner.

The movie covers the making of the Chronic and Doggystyle extensively. They go into Snoop's trial, the departure of RBX and D.O.C. The East Vs. West and Source Awards confrontation is covered, and over course the infusion of 2pac to Death Row.

2pac's murder is thorough but isn't in depth, but this isn't meant to be a 2pac murder doc...its an overall take on Death Row Records and what had happened to the once successful rap label.

As far as attitude goes, this is a very hard movie. The editing, the music, everything about the production of the DVD is great. One of the highlights to the DVD is the special features. Their are extensive interviews with people closely involved with the Death Row company.

This documentary is recommended to any music fan, who either likes these artists or has an interest in the music business and wants to know what mistakes not to make.

Death Row Crew 2pac and Snoop Dogg

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Film Info:

Title: Welcome to Death Row

Release Date: September 25 2001

Director: S. Leigh Savidge and Jeff Scheftel

Tagline: It Started in Compton. It Ended in Infamy.


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