The Killer Must Kill Again

The Killer Must Kill Again (1975) is an Italian giallo-style thriller starring George Hilton and Michel Anton.  It is directed by Luigi Cozzi.

An interesting back story on Luigi Cozzi:

At age 22, Cozzi directed a low budget sci-fi film titled Tunnel Under the World (1969).  While it received little critical acclaim, it did succeed in bringing the young filmmaker to the attention of horror great Dario Argento.  At this time in his career, Argento was still establishing himself in the genre.  Argento took Cozzi on as his assistant, after which they became good friends.  The two remained so close that to this day Cozzi can be found managing Argento’s horror shop in Rome, Profondo Rosso.

The Killer Must Kill Again is the story of a businessman (Hilton) who witnesses a remorseless serial killer (Anton) disposing of another of corpse.  Hilton, then blackmails the serial killer to kill his wealthy wife (Velazquez).  The killer succeeds in murdering the wife, and puts the body in the trunk of his car to dispose of later.  As fortune would have it, two lovers steal the car and head for the coast for a romantic getaway, all the while not knowing of the gruesome secret they carry with them.

The Killer Must Kill Again has its fair share of violence and sex, but halfway through the movie the plot seems to slow to a standstill.  It picks back up again in time for the finale, which includes a few unexpected plot twists.  In short, The Killer Must Kill Again lacks the stylish music and murders that have become a staple of the giallo genre.

-Mr. South

Assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora, L' (1975)

Luigi Cozzi

Adriano Bolzoni (dialogue)
Luigi Cozzi (screenplay)

Genre: Thriller | Horror

Also Known As:
Ragno, Il (Italy)
The Dark Is Death's Friend (USA) (dubbed version)
The Killer Must Kill Again (USA) (DVD title)
The Killer Must Strike Again (USA) (dubbed version)

Runtime: 86 min


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