It was the inevitable question. What will you do as a follow-up to MONDO ARGENTO? The idea to write something on truly horrific horror, gross gore and sleazy exploitation was two-fold. Firstly, I adore them and always will, and secondly, I'm rather bored with the way they are being treated these days. They say horror is respectable again in the wake of SCREAM. Really? I haven't noticed any change. If you admit to liking CRASH, CHILD'S PLAY 3 or DEPORTED WOMEN OF THE SS SPECIAL SECTION you are seen as nothing less than a child molester. Enough. I'm prepared to stand up and be counted for my taste - or lack of it - and I don't care what anybody thinks. I never did. I like being shocked to the core by things I haven't seen on screen before.

I want to be offended by the non-politically correct. I want to see blood flow in ever more ingenious ways. I want to see new methods of murder and torture on film. And I do stress 'On Film'.

Horror is one of mankind's greatest defences. It's important for us all to focus on what frightens us and cope with it. If that fear is sublimated in films like CANNIBAL FEROX, then so be it. It's still a healthy release. Watching horror and gore does not make us do horrific things. It does not affect behaviour. If that were the case I would already be a serial killer by now after the thousands of films I've watched. People who hide behind that argument are the intellectually and psychologically suspect ones. What they're really trying to do is squash art. They want to ban films that vent and talk about things we all hide beneath the surface - particularly the sort of inhibited and suppressed people the censors always are. These people are the really dangerous ones. None of us should forget that it was Hitler who forbade art because it was obscene and began burning books just before he began burning humans.

I'm proud 'I survived THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE' and this book is a celebration of the joy I feel whenever I see a new genre film either good, bad or indifferent. I'm not saying what's in the book are the best horror exploitation movies in the world, but each one does have that special indefinable something. The autobiographical notes I've also included here and there will, I hope, also provide further insight to my life as a die-hard, unapologetic, no excuses NEKROFILE.

-Alan Jones

Paperback - 78 pages (1997)
Published in Great Britain by Midnight Media

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