Smoken Dope and Pumping Iron

Lifting weights was satisfying enough, but watching Arnold's Pumping Iron was like experiencing something I've never felt before. Watching Pumping Iron, the 11+ times I did, taught me to change my eating habits and to spend my spare time in the gym rather then the couch. With the 25th Anniversary of this incredible documentary you can re-live the hardships of training in the Brooklyn dungeon or the parties at Muscle Beach. You become familiar with the bodybuilders as you experience first-hand their trip to fame or their road to failure. Pumping Iron is a wild ride through the training and conditioning of some of the worlds top professional bodybuilders.

The climax of this movie is around the time of the Mr. Universe and Olympia competitions, where Arnold the antagonist has to do anything in his power to keep the up-and-coming Lou Ferigno from taking his Olympia crown. The Pumping Iron video was created after the successful book that the duo of Charles Gaines and George Butler wrote in 1974. In the year 2002 Cinemax presented their viewers with a 25th Anniversary special of Pumping Iron, including never before seen out-takes and an exclusive documentary about the film entitled Raw Iron, starring the man himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Even though many claim this is Arnold's acting debut, Hercules in New York proceeded it. I highly suggest this film to those who haven't viewed it, and to check their cable guides for the next showing of Cinemax's 25th Anniversary special. This is the full-length Uncut feature that includes the infamous dope smoking scene with Arnold after he wins the Olympia competition This film is a true classic and will enthuse not just followers of the sport but all film buffs. Pumping Iron (1977)

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