Lucio Fulci's: Requiem in Blood

This compilation CD soundtrack contains 22 tracks from Fulci's classic'sThe Gates of Hell and The Beyond. The music of Fabio Frizzi is presented to us by © Eibon Records. Also included as a Bonus is a special introduction by Lucio Fulci himself. The total running time on this disc is 67:41. Cover Art & Liner Notes by Chas. Balun.

A few years ago when I was working with Chas on his website, he mailed me a promo pack with several goodies. One being the Requiem in Blood soundtrack. Hearing my favorite tracks from these Fulci classics while shooting pool and writing articles for misc. webzines I soon discovered the joy of the Italian symphony. With two of my favorite composers being Frizzi and Riz Ortolani (of Deodato fame) I easily became accustomed to this sub genre.

Requiem in Blood is a classic in its own respects. Its the only soundtrack available for Gates of Hell. The Beyond was later to be re-made as a separate cd attached to a graphic novel, and followed by Blackest Heart Media's Zombie comic and soundtrack. I would give Requiem in Blood 5/5 for both packaging and sound quality. Chas' liner notes are rather exceptional.

"When you think of Lucio Fulci, one usually remembers the meat--and not the music. The splinter--not the sonata, perhaps, or the carnage rather than the cadence. That's quite forgivable, because Fulci, one of Italy's most underrated and unappreciated horror directors, has built a considerable cult following as a direct result of his audacious, flamboyantly over-the-top zombie films that boast some of the most achingly repellent splatter sequences ever filmed. But this rare and painstakingly compiled soundtrack collection may put a slightly different spin on that narrow-minded assessment of this "Godfather of Modern Gore." -Chas

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