Sin City

Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything.

In all honesty I had never even heard of Frank Miller until Sin City, the movie, was released. I believe I'm speaking for many people and not just myself when I say that I am glad I did discover this talented writer. Aside from loving the film, I plan on dipping into the illustrated novels written by Frank Miller in the early 90's. I respect that the film was titled Frank Miller's Sin City, but I believe director Robert Rodriguez deserved more credit than he was given. Although every word, clip, graphic, etc were taken exactly from the comic and original illustrations, it would have never of transpired to film without the imagination and experience of Rodriguez. I do not care for all of his films ie: the Faculty, Spy Kids series (what was that?), I am still a fan of the director and his more popular work. I am a fan of his earlier efforts and now his latest. El Mariachi, Desperado, and the grand daddy of them all...From Dusk Till Dawn; these remain the directors classics, but a successful Once Upon a Time in Mexico paved the way for Sin City.

Skinny little Nancy Callahan. She grew up. She filled out.

Sin City boasts an all star cast. I was really interested to see how all of these A list actors and actresses could work together in a movie and have it succeed. Most star studded movies suck and keeps plot and purpose from developing. This movie is different, firstly I had no idea about three different stories being told. This proved excellent and worked perfectly. Each actor contributed 100% to their character and I still have yet to find any flaws. Sin City was also the first movie to be shot entirely on a digital video camera. I am a true believer in film and 35mm but when it works and goes above and beyond anyone's expectations its worth it. The digital element really enabled Rodriguez to give the film the "comic book" look which he was trying to preserve from the start. Editing and directing didn't put too much emphasis on CGI, yet it is is taste full. I would much rather see puppets, miniatures, and stop motion photography...but this film still was able to bend the rules and I believe it set a standard to how movies will be filmed over the next century.

She smells like angels ought to smell.

Bruce Willis proved his skills again in playing the role of Hartigan. Bruce Willis, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, ultimate bad ass ...after his comedy stint with Matthew Perry in the retarded sequel to that movie I cant even think of its name, I thought his career was over. Not only did he regain my respect through Sin City he also stared in the blockbuster thriller Hostage. Willis played the role to a T and in watching the film you feel sorry for his situation from the start. When judging performances though, the best belongs to Mickey Rourke, the toughest "tough guy" in film today. Hell, they even made him look exactly like the character out of the graphic novel (comic). Critics say that Rourke was able to re-invent himself through this movie and that It will jump start his career. Being a big fan of his I hope that proves to be true. There is so much I say about this film, I really don't want to spoil it for potential viewers who have yet to see it. This movie is not trendy, nor is it glossy Hollywood garbage; It's an illusion of the mind ...something that really fucks with you. This film gets the ultimate approval rating.

Sin City Trivia

  • After a poor Hollywood experience in the early-'90s, Frank Miller refused to relinquish the movie rights to any of his comic works, "Sin City" in particular. Robert Rodriguez, a longtime fan of the comic, filmed his own "audition" for the director's spot in secret. The footage, shot in early 2004, featured Josh Hartnett and 'Marley Shelton' acting out the "Sin City" short-story "The Customer is Always Right". He presented the finished footage to Miller with the proclamation: "If you like this, this will be the opening to the movie. If not, you'll have your own short film to show your friends." Miller approved of the footage and the film was underway. Rodriguez also screened the footage for each of the actors he wanted to cast in the film - all of whom are reported to have been instantly amazed.
  • The cover of the Sin City book "Booze, Broads, and Bullets", can be seen periodically throughout the movie. Its most notable appearance is on the cover of the matchbook that Hartigan picks up to locate Nancy; it is also seen in the background of the strip club in the very next scene as Hartigan first enters (to the right as a poster).
  • Director, 'Robert Rodriguez' , can be seen, wearing his trademark white cowboy hat in Kadie's bar as Hartigan enters when he's looking for Nancy.
  • 'Robert Rodriguez ' originally envisioned 'Johnny Depp ' in the role of Jackie Boy. Due to prior commitments, Depp could not play the part. While at the Academy Awards, Rodriguez saw 'Benicio Del Toro ' with long hair ("Wolf Man" hair, as he describes it) and said that he "was looking at Jackie Boy". He told Del Toro not to cut his hair and mailed him the comic book and a copy of the short, "The Customer is Always Right." Del Toro immediately signed on.

100% A+
10/10 on the Gore Meter

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