True Blood

True BloodHBO'S True Blood is an amazing show that does a lot for the vampire genre. In all honesty I thought that genre was on life support because their hasn't been a good vampire effort since From Dusk Till Dawn. I am a little bias because i'm a fan of HBO programming. Now be alert, True Blood isn't for everyone. My father doesn't like the show, but he's 65 and is obviously not their target demographic. True Blood is directed towards a younger audience, its not your Hammer Horror or Universal Pictures vampire show. The show has a very interesting story, whoever thought about "V" is a genius, where humans get high on vampire blood ...reminds me of a good mushroom trip. The acting or possibly just the dialogue is a little weak at times, but the show is action packed. The special effects and the amount of gore present will satisfy even the most picky or stubborn horror fan.

What I really like about the show is how forward and graphic they are. Sex, sex, and even more sex, not to mention vampire sex. The concepts of the vampire, their rules, how they live and feed, everything is very well thought out an interesting. For those who don't know the premise of the show, its basically modern times maybe a few years in the future where they have discovered vampires, and a Japanese scientist creates and markets synthetic bottled blood, called "True Blood", so vampires can survive and live among humans without being a threat. To take it up a notch, these out and open vampires group together and start their own little ACLU, and demand the same rites as humans. Sounds a little comical, but trust me the show and you'll be delightfully entertained.

Harvey -Savage

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