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June 2010, Issue #8

Feature: Porno Holocaust

Porno HolocaustDefiantly one of the most intriguing movies ever made, rated a 2.5 on IMDB. The Joe D'Amato classic was given restoration by Media Blasters and can be enjoyed for years to come with a new age of exploitation fans. This movie is a true classic in itself, i mean we have cannibals and zombies together! But this isn't anything new...we had that a few years earlier with Zombie Holocaust, but this time there is a new twist...PORN! So we officially are introduced to a threesome of zombies, cannibals, and pornography.

Being born after the movie was made and being apart of the tech generation we can discover these classics online at great places like Cinnemageddon. The movie was released in 1981 and has seen a few DVD transfers, all seem to be out of print so internet torrent sites seem to be the only solution to securing some of these lost treasures. Currently my collection of out of print exploitation films takes up half my two terabyte hard drive.

The story surrounds a group of scientists who travel to a mysterious island led by Mark Shannon. On the island its like a big sexcapade where scientists split their time between sex and discovery. The scientist come to discover a zombie king with a large penis. This big dicked king zombie kills all the men on the island and rapes all of the females. The female lead is then kidnapped by the monster and eventually is rescued by Shannon.

The movie is not quality by any means. The story is weak, the acting is bad, the special effect a little cheesy. But those qualities also make the movie unique.

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Berdella NOW ON DVD!

Its official Berdella: The Movie is now available on DVD.

The movie Berdella is an independent film produced by the Northeast Film Group. The movie is a biography on infamous KC serial killer, Bob Berdella. Many historians claim that his murderous run was more violent than that of Milwaukee's Jeffrey Dahmer. The movie was released theatrically on September 10th, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri. In June of 2010 the DVD of Berdella was officially released. You can order the DVD below using the "Buy Now" button or at the official movie web site.

Be sure to check out the official movie web site:

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Chas Balun RIP

Chas BalunIt really sadden's me to hear about the death of Chas Balun. He is truly the greatest of his kind, and my inspiration and mentor. His literature is something I have sought out over the years and have been collecting since my child hood. In honor of Chas I have decided to give him a proper send off and build a legacy for him that will last on the internet for years to come. I noticed that his old web site was no longer up and running, so I decided to register it. My intentions for the web site will be a complete and comprehensive encyclopedia on the works of Chas Balun. Including his art work, illustrations, writings, publications, and much more. I had worked briefly with Chas in the late 90s and he passed along a lot of treasures to me. All of which will be uploaded to the new site. I also have digital copies of every issue of Deep Red ever published. All OOP issues will be available for download!

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Too $hort: Living Legend

Recently acquired Too Short's complete discography. 18 albums as of 2010, dating back to his first record Don't Stop Rappin in 1985 to his most recent Still Blowin in 2010. 17 albums are studio releases, his newest album is an online only release. In an article on the napster blog from March 2010, Short talks about he is transitioning from the major label to digital world.

Too Short, real name Todd Anthony Shaw, is a 43 year old rapper from Oakland California. He is the longest tenured active rapper in the world. His rap style hasn't changed much over the course of three decades. His albums don't sell like they used to be he still is Too Short and his fan following is still there.

Too Short is the original West Coast rapper, Short started making tapes and selling them to drug dealers to play in their cars. It was a time when sub woofers and loud base were gaining popularity in the mid-late 80s and his goal wasn't to make club music or dance floor music, it was music for the car, music with loud base that would hit hard when your driving around, flexing. I've been listening to the music, and its quite the collection.

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The Mother of Tears (La Terza Madre)

Mother of TearsThe Mother of Tears is Dario Argento's 2007 film which finalizes his three mothers trilogy. In all honesty I haven't watched much of Argento's newer movies. I've seen all the classics but many of his movies past Phantom of the Opera (98) I've had yet to view. In all honesty I was very surprised by Le Terza Madre. The movie was very entertaining, it kept me sucked in pretty much the entire time. The special effects were surprisingly really good. A good combination of original prop effects with CGI. This is definitely one of Argento's most violent films and probably his most violent of the past decade or two.

The Mother of Tears, La Terza Madre, is an occult/supernatural type film that follows the same formula put forth by Suspiria and Inferno. While this movie has really good camera work I was let down a little bit by the lighting, considering how amazing the lighting was in both Suspiria and especially Inferno. And like all Argento movies there's always a few flaws. But in the end the flaws don't out weigh the good that the film encompasses.

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DjangoDjango is one of the greatest spaghetti westerns of all time. Franco Nero stars as Django in an Eastwood esq role, which many critics argue is much better than any of Eastwood's man with no name roles. Django from the start is high octane, I don't know why but the theme music just gets me. I catch myself when I'm alone singing, DJANGO...DJANGO.. The lead is played by my favorite spaghetti western actor, Franco Nero. Nero is Django by all accounts, Thomas Milan in the sequel doesn't hold a torch. Now I'm a big Keoma fan but Django is in a class of its own. I think its better than The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, which critics claim is the best western of all time.

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Survival of the Dead

Survival of the DeadThe latest zombie opus created by the master of the zombie genre George Romero. With Survival of the Dead, George concludes his newest dead trilogy. What I really like about this movie is how much different it was then any of the previous films. In terms of production value and direction it is most similar to the film right before it Diary of the Dead, neither film is like Land of the Dead which obviously had a bigger budget and some known actors. But Survival of the Dead is a quality movie by all means, it has a fresh storyline with a totally different take on the zombie outbreak. What I thought was interesting is how you don't necessarily have to be bitten to turn into a zombie. In Survival..if you died of any cause you would turn into a zombie, so the dead really do come back to life.

George was able to offer a story under a different setting, putting the pandemic on an island. The movie also has a military presence that is reminiscent of Day of the Dead. Chronologically this film takes place at the same time of Diary of the Dead, it is not a sequel to that film.

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Welcome to Death Row

Death Row RecordsI've had a long interest in rap documentaries, notably ones on 2pac, Biggie, and their murders. I've come along a lot of really good ones but I was blown away with Welcome to Death Row. This movie was actually released in 2001 but 11 years later I finally come across it.

This extraordinary documentary details the rise and the fall of the original gangster rap label Death Row Records. What makes this movie so powerful is just how much information it actually has in it. The movie starts out talking about NWA, Eazy E, and Dr. Dre as a prelude to the springing of Death Row Records. A lot of time is dedicated to the roots of Death Row Records, how they got their original funding and the men behind Suge Knight, Harry 'O' (Michael Harris), and attorney David Kenner.

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Previously Viewed: Sisters of Satan (Alucarda)

Sisters of SatanNow this movie is the biggest mystery of all time. I came across this in my father's VHS collection and this tape is dated 1985. I had difficulty looking up the cast and crew online because their names weren't real. Eventually I came to realize that the movie they are advertising is Le Monache di Sant'Arcangelo (The Nun and the Devil) circa 1973. So I read about the movie and popped in the tape. Probably the first VHS i've watched in a few years or so. Upon viewing of the film I realize its not the movie advertised on the cover of the box. The movie on the tape was actually Alucarda from 1978. This VHS is pretty bad, I made it over half way and decided to just watch the xvid I downloaded.

On this awful VHS, the opening credit sequence is different, in very 80s style the screen goes black and Sisters of Satan appears in a Metallica type font set. The producers of this VHS release probably didn't know this wasn't the same movie as what they were advertising on the cover. I am interested in watching the other Sisters of Satan now. If you type in Sisters of Satan on IMDB both movies show up because they both are known as Sisters of Satan in some part of the world. It is just a testament to the horrible treatment foreign films got in the 1980s tape market.

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100% Weird: 1990 Bronx Warriors

1990 Bronx WarriorsI've been on this really big post apocalyptic movie craze lately and I just cant seem to get enough of the 1990 Bronx Warriors. It is definitely one of Enzo G Castellari's best films and includes performances by a few popular American actors. The movie features Christopher Connelly as Hot Dog, Fred Williamson as The Ogre, and Vic Morrow as Hammer. Lastly the film also introduces the main character Trash, played by first time actor Mark Gregory.

The movie itself is text book American movie rip off, and on that basis alone...The 1990 Bronx Warriors is one of the greatest of its kind. The movie is a good cross between Escape from New York and The Warriors. The story goes, in 1990 the Bronx has been declared No Mans Land, where their streets are divided by rival gangs. The concept of a blocked off no man's land comes from Escape from NY, and the rival street gangs is reminiscent of the Warriors. Castellari does a great job crossing each movie's concepts. After watching the extra features interview with Fred Williamson, I've also really come to like the movie's editing. Knowing that they only filmed in New York for a few days and shot the majority of the movie in urban Rome.

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